Hurricane Dorian 2019

Day 2, still waiting for the swell to show up.

South Beach is back!

South Beach giveth and South Beach taketh away! Here's a Tuesday morning gift from the weather gods that will be a memory on Wednesday. The downside to being a surfer in Miami...small swell window and big crowds. Enjoy!

Hurricane Matthew slips by South Beach

Today Category 4 Hurricane Matthew passed to the east of Miami Beach pummeling the Bahamas and previously Jamaica & Haiti. Once the storm's eye was to the north of Miami,  South Beach received the favorable off shore winds while head to over head surf treated those who were brave enough to leave their homes. Here are  a few images from South Beach around 5pm. Hopefully more to come Friday morning 10-7-16 !

Winter Storm "Mars" sends epic swell to South Beach - Feb 10th, 2016

While the North East US was being hammered by a blizzard called "Mars", South Beach reaped the benefits as the swell travelled south and right into the perfect swell window. 

Hurricane Sandy Swell - South Beach - October 27th, 2012

The best day of the swell. Perhaps the swell of the decade for Miami. These are images from Saturday 10/26/12

Hurricane Sandy Swell - South Beach - Friday Gallery - Oct 26th, 2012

The swell started getting big at South Beach on Friday 10/26 but the magical day was the 27th. Here are some images from the Friday morning looking a little fierce.